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penetrating, persuasive, profitable services

  • Building4Business Patient Marketing System to build your business.
  • COPYNow Direct Response Copywriting services to appeal, persuade and trigger desired responses from your patient audience.
  • B4B Targeted Website Traffic Technology to define, attract and pre-qualify patient leads.​

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The right words at the right time 
Make all the difference in the world

Words do matter.  They can attract attention, create an emotional appeal, or cause a person to use your treatment options.  We offer direct response copywriting services to save you time and money, connect with your patients, and deliver your key marketing messages to patients. 

  • Social Media Marketing…LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Blog Posts…copy & design
  • E-Newsletters…design, set-up, content,  electronic distribution, hosting
  • Website Content...copy & design
  • Landing Pages…copy,  design, hosting
  • Email Campaigns…copywriting, design, email distribution, database management, hosting
  • Patient Treatment Letters
  • Key Marketing Messages & Strategic Planning
  • Website Audit & Report
  • Video Copywriting
  • Targeted Website subscribers