Consistency pays off

You have many options to market your business. But, do you have the time to run a successful patient marketing program...consistently? Because, it takes 12-15 points of contact to convert many patient prospects to paying patients.  Consistent patient marketing pays off​ in new revenue and increased patient flow.

 We can handle your patient marketing, so you can treat more patients.  We'll take the hassle out of your patient marketing efforts, so you can focus on doing what you do best...treating and connecting with your patients.   We have decades of building marketing systems that work.  

Every day we cut through online clutter to attract patients to your sites.  Then, we qualify the patient traffic through our Building4Business Patient Marketing System to filter out interested patient leads.  We stay engaged with patient leads through consistent patient marketing – key messages, compelling copywriting, strategic call-to-actions, email campaigns, e-newsletters, social media, blog endorsements, SMS/text messaging, infographics, videos.

Understand this:  A patient marketing system isn't just a microphone to talk about yourself, but a platform that consistently delivers your EXPERIENCE of excellent healthcare services and individualized attention when you treat your patients.  

Attracting more patients

The lifeblood of a clinic or medical facility is its steady flow of new patients.  Are you treating enough patients to grow your business?  If you want takes a consistent patient marketing effort to keep them coming. 

Because, marketing delivers the PATIENT EXPERIENCE of your medical care to people.  And, it keeps you top-of-mind with them through ongoing contact to earn their business.  Nurturing these relationships attracts new patients to you and differentiates you as a leader in the marketplace. 

ready to get going?

​with building4business ​patient marketing system

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